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Traffic Offenses

The offices of Ray A Hayes II PA Attorney at Law, take all traffic tickets, violations and offenses seriously.  While you may initially be inclined to ... NEVER SIMPLY PAY A TRAFFIC TICKET.  Your license may be temporarily suspended even for lesser offenses and neither the District Attorney, nor the Clerk of Court may advise you of the consequences.  In addition to the possibility of suspensions, you could face sever insurance rate increases that could cost far more than the ticket itself or worse.  

Our traffic attorneys / lawyers are experienced in representing clients on speeding tickets, revoked / suspended license violations (DWLR), no operator's license violations (NOL) aka driving without a license, failure to stop for a school bus, failure to stop for a stop sign / light, over the line, registration, inspection and insurance violations, failure to move over for an emergency vehicle, and other traffic violations.  

If you have been charged or cited for any of these or other traffic violations, we'll save you a day sitting in court missing work and minimize the consequences.  We can likely handle everything over the phone for your convenience if you prefer.  We may be able to get you a non-moving violation that will carry no license or insurance points depending on the circumstances of your traffic case.  CONTACT US now for a free telephone consultation.

means of reduction

Depending on whether your traffic ticket is in Iredell, Mecklenburg or some other county, there may be  means of obtaining a reduction, prayer for judgment (PJC) or or other disposition in exchange for driving classes, community service or otherwise.  A PJC is a continuance of the judgment that allows a conviction to not be used against you by North Carolina DMV, effectively preventing the offense from effecting your driver's license.  While many people initially think they want a PJC, there may be a better resolution available.  A PJC still goes on your record as a conviction, but may prevent a suspension of your NC license.  However, it may still cause a suspension for an out-of-state license.  Also, there is a significant difference between eligibility for a PJC for a traffic offense in court and whether that PJC will prevent insurance rate increases.  You could get a PJC and still have the conviction go on your insurance causing significant rate increases if not properly checked.  We will determine the consequences in your particular situation and act accordingly on your behalf.

relevant factors

There are numerous factors that go into obtaining the best result for your traffic ticket, such as:

-Have you had any moving traffic violation convictions in the past 3 years?

-Have you had an improper equipment violations in the same county in the past 3 years?

-Have you had any PJCs in the past 3 years?  In the past 5 years?

-Have you had any traffic accidents in the past 3 years? Were you issued a citation? Did your insurance company pay for damages? Were you deemed to be at-fault?

-Has anyone else in your household on the same policy had a traffic ticket or at-fault accident in the last 3 years or PJC in the last 5 years?

get a lawyer

If you have a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket you could end up with consequences you didn't even know about if you don't have a lawyer.  You could end up with serious increases to your insurance rates, license suspensions or even jail time for what you thought was just a "simple traffic ticket".  

We'll pull a copy of your driving record directly from DMV and even contact your insurance company if necessary to be sure to obtain the best possible result for your traffic ticket. Don't waste a day sitting in court waiting to be called up to handle it yourself.  Don't rely on the District Attorney or the Clerk to help you decide how best to resolve your traffic ticket. Contact our Mooresville NC Office for a free telephone consultation including a quote to have an experienced traffic ticket attorney handle your speeding or other traffic ticket.

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