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Personal Injury

After an accident usually hiring personal injury lawyer / attorney is not the first and foremost thing on your mind.  You are likely distraught.  You may not feel any pain at this point. However, if you do feel pain or are even in doubt, go to a doctor to get checked out.  If you wait an extended period of time after an accident to get treatment for your pain, the responsible party for your personal injury may try to claim that it was "clearly not very significant if it took that long to seek medical attention".  

After an accident, you are likely to have increased adrenaline levels and be otherwise not in a "cool state of mind".  However, ANY STATEMENT YOU MAKE COULD BE USED AGAINST YOU LATER.   You are NOT required to give a written or oral statement, and if you do it may be used against you later.  Additionally, the insurance companies may contact you some time after the accident.  You may think that the insurance adjuster is nice or genuinely trying to be helpful or help you get compensation for your personal injury.  THEY ARE NOT.  Their job is to resolve your claims for as little as possible.  This is true even if it is your own insurance company.  

what you are entitle to

If you try to settle your personal injury claim with the insurance company yourself, you may end up not being fully compensated.  In an accident case in which you sustain a personal injury you may be entitled, among other things, to:

-Medical Expenses

-Pain & Suffering

-Damage to your Property

-Lost Wages

what not to do

If you make statements to the police, to anyone else involved, to the insurance company or otherwise, those statements may be used against you in the negotiation or trial of your personal injury / accident claims.  So,

-don't make any statements to the other people involved in the accident

-don't make any written statements at this point

-don't try to negotiate with the insurance company yourself

-don't tell the insurance company anything about what happened until you have consulted a personal injury or accident lawyer

- and don't fail to go to a doctor immediately upon feeling any pain whatsoever.

what we can do for you

Our personal injury attorneys and accident lawyers can compile your story, your medical records, your medical bills and your claims into a formal demand to the responsible party / insurance company.  Our accident lawyers will stay in contact with your doctors and the insurance companies until the extent of your injuries are fully determined.  We'll file any necessary paperwork on your behalf and litigate your personal injury or accident claim to the fullest extent if necessary.

We take most personal injury and accident claims on a contingency fee, which means that you only pay attorney's fees from what we recover on your claims.  While you will be ultimately responsible for the costs and expenses, we offer services in certain cases where we may up-front the money to cover the costs and expenses and recover them from any money obtained from the responsible party.

So CONTACT our Mooresville NC Office now for your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with a personal injury lawyer.