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License Restoration

If your driver's license has been revoked or suspended it can be difficult to know just how to get it back.  At your request the lawyers at our law firm can get a copy of your driving record directly from the NC Division of Motor Vehicles (NC DMV), review it and determine the best way to resolve everything to get you on track to getting your license back. 

potential problems we can resolve

You may have an indefinite suspension that if left unresolved can keep you from EVER getting your drivers license back.  An indefinite suspension can also toll other suspension periods.  For example, if you have a pending one year suspension, an indefinite suspension on a failure to appear on a different matter can prevent the one year suspension from starting until you resolve the failure to appear.  Our attorneys can help you resolve these types of matters.  

You may have a DWI suspension or DWLR (aka driving with license revoked) suspension for which you might be able to get a driving privilege.  See our page on Driving Privileges for more information or contact one of our lawyers to help you determine eligibility for a driving privilege and to file to obtain one.  

Failures to appear (FTAs) for a court date, even if you were given a wrong date by the Court or Clerk, can keep your license suspended indefinitely until the underlying matter is resolved.  Our attorneys can help keep costs down by asking the Court to waive FTA fees, which are hundreds of dollars each.

CONTACT one of our lawyers for help.

complicated matters

Sometimes things get out of hand.  The attorneys in our law firm may be able to figure out a way to get back your driver license despite a myriad of suspensions.  This can be an intricate process and needs to be handled with caution as mistakes in resolutions can be costly and even create additional suspensions.  

For example, if you plead guilty to a moving violation on one ticket when the offense date on that ticket was during a period of suspension for failure to appear (FTA) on another ticket that had been subsequently dismissed, you would end up with a moving violation during a period of suspension, which would cause an additional drivers license suspension.  It may be possible to have a judge strike the FTA in error if the only possible resolution with the DA on the other matter is a moving violation.  If this sounds complicated, it's because it is.  But our lawyers can help, so CONTACT us today if you have a complicated mess for a driving record.

dmv hearings

Lawyers at Ray A Hayes II PA are experienced in petitioning for and obtaining drivers licenses through DMV license restoration hearings.  DMV license restoration hearings can be a meticulous process.  If you don't have all the necessary documents, record checks and witnesses ready for a hearing, you could be doomed to failure before you start.  Our attorneys can help ensure that you have everything you need and that you and your witnesses are prepared for what to expect at the hearing.  So if your license is revoked CONTACT our office to assess whether you may be eligible for a restoration hearing or to retain one of our lawyers to help you handle your DMV license restoration hearing.

dismissal of dwlr / license revoked charges

If you have been charged with a DWLR (a/k/a driving with license revoked), you may be able to have the charge dismissed by the district attorney if you can have your license reinstated before your court date.  See our page on Suspended / Revoked License Charges for more information about this.