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Ray A. Hayes II, PA

Criminal Defense law

Ray A Hayes II PA, Attorney at Law, is not your typical criminal defense law firm. We strive to keep our clients informed and in touch with their criminal defense attorney.  We believe it is important to be in regular contact and kept up to date on your case by your defense lawyer.  We strive to help our clients to minimize jail time, probation terms, future risk, license suspensions and insurance rates.

​We can help you execrise your rights.  Courts are increasingly often saying that your rights are waived if you don't exercise them early and often and at specific times in the criminal process, and we can be sure you don't waive your rights to a fair and speedy trial or otherwise.  We will also tell you if you are eligible to expunge a dismissed charge or conviction from your record.  

​You deserve an experienced criminal defense lawyer to handle your charges.  Whether drug charges, DWI / DUI, DWLR, suspended license, traffic ticket, speeding ticket, larceny, assault or other felony or misdemeanor charges, we can be sure you take every available opportunity to have your charges dismissed, discharged, acquitted or otherwise favorably resolved.  From cross-examining police officers to digging through photos, documents and recordings provided by the District Attorney, we can handle the task of finding and presenting all of your best defenses.

what we can do for you

Criminal Defense Attorney Ray Hayes wants to help you preserve your legal rights and present your case to the court and the jury in the best possible light for you.  We handle all sorts of criminal defense cases in North Carolina with our primary office in Mooresville, NC.  We have successfully defended criminal charges for numerous clients, and while facts drive outcomes, we can give you the best chance to defend against your charges too.  

So do you need a defense attorney or criminal lawyer to help with a dwi, traffic ticket, speeding ticket, drug charge, larceny charge, assault charge or other felony or misdemeanor offense?  Need to know if you may be entitled to deferred prosecution, to agree to probation for a dismissal or to a driving privilege?  Do you have a criminal charge that was dismissed or even a conviction that is keeping you from getting a job, we can assess your eligibility and help you obtain an expungement to remove it from your criminal record if you are eligible.  Did you make a mistake with a one-time use of marijuana or cocaine or some other drug?  We can help.  CONTACT the lawyers at our Mooresville NC Office now

Personal Injury Law

Ray A Hayes II PA, Attorney at Law, is not your typical personal injury​ law firm either.  We take great effort to help our injury and accident clients to minimize their injuries and maximize their recoveries sustained in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and on-the-job accidents.  We help vehicle accident victims recover money for medical bills, lost wages, expenses, as well as physical and mental pain and suffering.  You don't have to live with personal injuries sustained from the negligence or malice of others - you can and should be compensated.

Personal Injury and Accident Attorney Ray Hayes II would love to help you.  With the help of our personal injury attorney and the laws of North Carolina, you can achieve peace of mind and get justice and reimbursement from those responsible for your pain an suffering.  

Ray Hayes has successfully resolved personal injury cases and accident dusputes with insurance companies and their attorneys and lawyers many times.  When you retain the legal services of our attorneys for your traffic accident or personal injury claims, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

Not sure whether your accident or injury claim qualifies for punitive damages or how to calculate pain and suffering?  Don't know how much compensation you shouldget for your claims from a car accident, motorcycle accident, boat accident, or truck accident?  Have you had a family member killed or disabled from medical malpractice or nursing home abuse or neglect?  We can help. CONTACT a personal injury lawyer at our Mooresville NC Office now.

We Can Help.

So, if you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer, DWI / DUI attorneytraffic or speeding ticket lawyertraffic accident attorney, personal injury lawyer, or medical malpractice attorney to help with your claims or defenses, let us show you what we can do to help.  Contact us the Mooresville NC attorneys in our office today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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