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Do you have a criminal conviction or even a criminal charge that was dismissed that's keeping you from getting a job or residence?  North Carolina law now allows for the expungement (also known as expunction) of certain felony convictions in addition to misdemeanors and dismissed charges.  This means you can completely remove the conviction or dismissed charge from your criminal record history.  You will also not be required to disclosed an expunged charge or conviction on any applications.  You may even be able to expunge or remove multiple criminal convictions from your record.

We can assess your eligibility and let you know if you qualify for one or more expungements. We can fully remove the eligible charge or conviction from your record according to the law. We'll even send the documents to all the necessary agencies for complete removal of the charge or conviction.  You won't have to do anything other than provide some basic information about yourself and your charge or conviction.  

don't lose out on opportunities

You might be completely eligible and qualified for a great job, you could even be the best candidate, but if the employer finds a criminal conviction or even a dismissed charge on your record, that alone could and probably would cause the employer to choose someone else.  Don't let this happen to you.  Make sure you have a clean criminal record.  Let one of our attorneys assess your eligibility and expunge any eligible charges or convictions on your record before applying for a job.

Property managers check criminal backgrounds for applicants for housing every day.  When they decide whether to let someone reside in their community or property, they don't want someone with a criminal background including charges or convictions for drugs, assault, theft or other types crimes.  If you are being declined for housing, your criminal history could be the reason.  So let our expungement lawyer assess and expunge your criminal record today.

Almost all employers, apartment managers, landlords and others accepting applications will perform a criminal background check on applicants.  Be sure your background is clean by having one of the attorneys in our office expunge any eligible convictions or dismissed charges from your criminal record today.  Contact our Mooresville NC office to set up an assessment of your eligibility for an expungement of your criminal conviction or dismissed charge TODAY.

new laws expanding expungement eligibility

In recent years, the North Carolina Legislature enacted a whole new set of laws allowing for expungements of convictions never before allowed to be expunged.  While some require extended waiting periods, you may be eligible now.  So if you had been told you were not eligible in the past, an assessment can tell you if you are eligible now under the new laws.

The new laws can be complicated regarding when you are or are not eligible for removal of a criminal conviction or dismissed charge, so let one of our experienced lawyers assess your eligibility today.  We'll quickly review your responses to a short questionnaire and let you know what you can expunge.  Our criminal attorneys can expunge any eligible charges for you and help you get that job or residence you've been hoping for.

contact us

So contact us, now to have our criminal lawyers perform a full assessment of your criminal record.  Our attorneys can expunge any eligible convictions or dismissed charges and get you back to work quickly.