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If you have been arrested for DWI, also known as DUI in other states, there can be serious consequences for a conviction.  It is much more serious than other traffic offenses.  You could lose your license, you could face severe insurance rate increases, you could even go to jail. You need a good DWI / DUI attorney to represent you, and we are fully equipped to provide you the best defenses available.  

You should be aware that in a DWI / DUI case, you have the right to refuse to talk to the police, to refuse to do a breath test, to refuse to do field sobriety tests and more.  The police may simply say something like "I need you to blow into this..." or "Come over here so we can do some field sobriety tests...".  This does NOT mean that you are required to do it.  

We are experienced and successful in presenting defenses, whether procedural or substantive, in DWI / DUI cases.  We have defended numerous clients on various fact situations that called for a variety of defenses.  Contact our Mooresville NC Office for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss your case with a DWI lawyer.

Stages of a dwi / dui case

There are several stages to a DWI / DUI case at which the police must comply with strict requirements.  The first stage of a DWI / DUI charge is reasonable suspicion, where we inquire whether the officer had the right to even stop your vehicle.  If they had no right to stop you, any evidence obtained subsequently may be thrown out of court, including any field sobriety tests, breathalyzer or intoxilyzer readings, admission statements or even alcohol found in the vehicle. The second stage in a DWI / DUI charge is where we determine if they had probable cause to arrest you based on the facts an circumstances.  They need a reasonable articulable suspicion that a crime has been committed in order to place you under arrest without a warrant.  The final stage in a DWI / DUI charge is whether they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving a vehicle on a public vehicular area (a) while under the influence of an impairing substance, (b) after consuming sufficient alcohol as to have an alcohol concentration of .08 or higher, or (c) with any amount of a schedule I controlled substance.  There are other considerations that can affect the validity of the charges, such as whether you were held unlawfully in jail at a time crucial to your right to obtain evidence in your defense, such as when the magistrate fails to release you within a reasonable time while you stand ready willing and able to post your bond.  You need a good lawyer to identify your rights based on your particular case and hold the police to them.  


At Ray A Hayes II PA, we have a lawyer to advise you of these and other rights in a DWI / DUI charge.  While we practice in other areas of law, DWI / DUI defense is a focus area of our practice.  Our drunk driving attorney can help you defend your rights.  Our attorneys are ready to fight for your legal rights.  While every case is different, Ray Hayes II has defended numerous DWI / DUI charges and had success in obtaining dismissals by the District Attorney and by the Judge.  He as obtained acquittals on the merits and procedural dismissals.  "My experience has been invaluable in learning how to best defend a variety of types of DWI charges."


DWI / DUI cases are all different.  The defenses available in each DWI / DUI charge can be significantly different from one case to another.  There is no pat answer that will protect you or win every case.  We will inquire about each portion of your DWI / DUI charge to determine the best arguments to make.  From your personal description of the facts to the police report and any available video or audio recordings, we will look at every aspect of your case.  

dwi / dui variations

Whether you are charged with Driving After Consuming While Under 21, aiding and abetting DWI, commercial DWI, or otherwise, we can help.  We will give your case the utmost attention and diligence.  

CONTACT our Mooresville NC Office now for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with a DWI attorney.

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