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Drug Charges

RULE 1: TALK TO AN ATTORNEY BEFORE DISCUSSING YOUR CASE WITH AN INVESTIGATOR, DETECTIVE or OTHER PERSON.  You could give the prosecution extremely detrimental evidence to use against you by discussing your case with an investigator or detective before consulting our drug lawyers.  Contact us before discussing your case with anyone.

Do you need legal representation for drug possession, drug sale, delivery, manufacture or possession with intent to manufacture, sell or delver (PWISD / PWIMSD) drugs, drug trafficking, drug paraphernalia or other drug charges?  The answer is absolutely YES, if you have been charged with any of these or other drug charges, you definitely need a drug attorney.  Even if you think you will be able to easily resolve a simple misunderstanding, you could end up providing critical information to the prosecutor that may be used against you to force you into a plea or conviction you don't deserve.

If convicted, you could be facing lengthy jail time, difficult probationary terms and other negative consequences of a conviction such as loss of a job or residence or otherwise. Drug charges are serious offenses and the State will likely prosecute you to the fullest extent of their ability on your drug charges.  Don't give them any leverage against you that you don't need to give.  Contact one of our drug attorneys to help you better resolve your drug possession, drug sale or deliver or drug paraphernalia charges.  


Drug Trafficking refers to the transportation of over certain amounts of particular drugs. Trafficking convictions can lead to extremely lengthy sentences if you are convicted.  YOU COULD ABSOLUTELY GO TO JAIL OR PRISON FOR A FIRST OFFENSE, even if you have no prior record whatsoever.  If you are a college student or otherwise, you need good representation to protect your future from the hefty consequences of a drug trafficking conviction.  We may be able to help you obtain a dismissal or acquittal of your drug trafficking charges or otherwise minimize the consequences. 

Discovery in these kinds of cases can be complicated to understand, trials for drug trafficking charges can be complicated and require expert testimony, plea negotiations can be highly intense.  Don't try to handle these charges yourself or with an inexperienced attorney.  Be sure to have effective representation for your drug charges.  Contact us for a consult now.

90-96 Deferral and Dismissal

90-96 refers to the North Carolina Statute (Law) that allows a person charged with certain drug crimes to receive a dismissal / discharge of the drug charges upon compliance with a period of probation during which time the prosecution of those charges is deferred.  If you don't have any prior drug convictions, have not previously received a dismissal under 90-96 and have not previously been on probation, YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR a 90-96 DISMISSAL. 

Use and terms of 90-96 is at the discretion of the prosecutor and the judge to some degree and we can help you negotiate reasonable terms of compliance and sometimes even obtain a 90-96 deferral if the prosecutor objects.  Don't give up your right to a possible dismissal by pleading to a charge before consulting one of our knowledgable drug lawyers.​ Contact us to discuss your case now.