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Document Review

Do you have a lease, contract, insurance policy or other document you would like reviewed by a lawyer?  The lawyers at our law firm are experienced with drafting, litigating and advising about legal documents.  We will give a free phone consultation regarding your document and what will be necessary to get a legal opinion.  Don't assume you know the legal consequences of the language of your legal document.  Let our attorneys tell you the legal ramifications.

We'll review your document in a timely fashion and go through it in detail.  We'll answer any questions you have and make sure you are aware of your duties and responsibilities and how to properly fulfill them.  We'll tell you about anything out of the ordinary and let you know places where the other party may have more liberty than you may otherwise realize.  We'll be sure you know how to properly notify and communicate with the other party to protect your rights.  We may suggest additional terms and can offer options to negotiate the terms with the other party as well.

Legal documents can have unrecognized legal consequences unless you are advised by a lawyer.  You can leave out important terms to a legal document if you don't consult a lawyer. You can end up costing yourself loss of money, time and peace of mind if you don't consult a lawyer about your important legal documents.  Don't go into a legal relationship without the advice of one of our experienced lawyers.  Contact us to set up a review of your legal document by a qualified lawyer today.

types of legal documents

We can review any of the following types of documents and more:

  • Insurance Policies
  • Business Contracts
  • Lease Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Corporate Documents
  • Lawsuit Filings
  • Personal Agreements
  • Court Orders
  • And Much More

So contact us today to get solid legal advice and direction from a qualified lawyer about your important legal documents today.

terms can be stricken

In North Carolina, the courts can strike terms of a legal document and leave the rest "in full force and effect".  If you don't know what terms are legal and what terms are illegal, you could end up relying on the terms of an agreement that you expect the other party to perform or that you think you need to perform that may not be valid and could be stricken.  For example, if there is a term in a residential agreement that says that the landlord can lock out the tenant without obtaining a legal eviction, the term will not be enforced and could create liability against the landlord if they try to utilize it.

Don't take actions with legal consequences without knowing the legal ramifications of the document you are relying on.

insurance exemptions

Insurance policies cover a great deal of situations, but they also have exemptions.  Exemptions can exclude a great deal of circumstances from coverage that you may have assumed would be covered.  Don't wait until you are in a situation you thought would be covered to find out that it is excluded.  Contact us and have one of our qualified lawyers review your policy and let you know about any important exclusions now.

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