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Assault & Battery

RULE 1: TALK TO AN ATTORNEY BEFORE DISCUSSING YOUR CASE WITH AN INVESTIGATOR, DETECTIVE or OTHER PERSON.  You could give the prosecution extremely detrimental evidence to use against you by discussing your case with an investigator or detective before consulting our drug lawyers.  Contact us before discussing your case with anyone.

Do you need legal representation for simple assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, affray or other assault type charges?  The answer is absolutely YES, if you have been charged with any of these or other drug charges, you definitely need an attorney who knows the law relating to assault charges.  Even if you think you will be able to easily resolve a simple misunderstanding, even if the alleged victim tells you they don't want to press charges, you could end up providing critical information to the prosecution that may be used against you to force you into a plea or conviction you don't deserve.

Some assault charges contain aggravating factors that can make them more punishable or even make an otherwise misdemeanor assault into a felony assault, such as if the state alleges that the assault inflicted serious injury, was committed with a deadly weapon, was a domestic offense, was a sexual battery, was against a protected person such as law enforcement or emergency medical service person or sports official.  Deadly weapons can include things most people may not think of as a deadly "weapon" such as an automobile. 

If convicted, you could be facing lengthy jail time, difficult probationary terms and other negative consequences of a conviction such as loss of a job or residence or otherwise. Assault charges are serious offenses and the State will likely prosecute you to the fullest extent of their ability on your assault or battery charges.  Don't give them any leverage against you that you don't need to give.  Contact one of our experienced attorneys to help you better resolve your assault or battery charges.  


If you have no prior convictions and the offense charged is eligible, you may be able to enter an agreement with the prosecution to "defer prosecution", which means that if you comply with certain terms of a short probationary period you then have the charges DISMISSED.  Contact us to help determine if this may be an option in your case.